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210 Linden Street, Appomattox, VA 24522

Resident Taxes

Resident Taxes Real Property (Real Estate) $0.11 per $100 of the assessed value Personal Property $0.55 per $100 of the assessed value

Lodging Tax

Lodging tax is imposed and levied by the Town on each transient a lodging tax in the amount of 5% of the charge made for each room rented to such transient. Every person receving any payment for lodging with respect to which a tax is levied under this article shall...

Meals Tax

Meals tax is imposed and levied by the Town on each person at the rate of 8% in the amount paid for meals purchased from any food establishment, whether prepared in such food establishment or not, and whether consumed on the premises or not. Every person receiving any...

Cigarette Tax

A cigarette tax is hereby levied and imposed by the Town, in addition to any other taxes which may be or have been imposed, a tax to be paid and collected as provided in this article on each and every sale of cigarettes made in the Town. The tax is to be paid by the...