2020-2021 Curbside Garbage Collection Calendar




RESIDENTIAL and BUSINESSES:  One garbage collection pickup per week will be provided to each household and business unless otherwise noted. Garbage will be collected on Tuesday of each week.  On the day of residential and business collection the roll-out cart must be placed at the curb by 7:00 a.m. and removed from the curb by 12:00 midnight that same day.  Each household/business is issued one 96 gallon roll-out cart for garbage.  Additional roll-out carts may be purchased by calling the Town of Appomattox Public Works Department.  The Town of Appomattox will maintain minor maintenance on the receptacles such as wheels and caps.  Residents/Businesses who misuse these receptacles may be liable for the cost or repair.  Residents/Businesses must use the storage receptacle provided by the Town.  Only the green roll-out cart will be dumped.  Please bag and tie all trash to be put in the roll-out cart as this helps keep the roll-out clean and trash cannot fly out in the process of being dumped.  It is the resident’s/business owners responsibility to keep the roll-out cart clean.

  • To effectively serve all patrons, the Town of Appomattox requires compliance to the following regulations:
  • The roll-out cart storage receptacle is not to be placed in the gutter so as to prevent the flow of water or traffic problems.
  • When a scheduled collection falls on a holiday, notification of any changes will be advertised by local news media.
  • Collection of dirt, turf, rocks, trade waste, building materials and like materials or by-products generated by a contractor will not be picked up by the Refuse Collection Department.
  • All garbage items are to be bagged, tied, and placed in a roll-out cart receptacle at curbside for collection.
  • Collection refuse cannot exceed a one-man lift.
  • In business areas:  All corrugated cardboard boxes shall be folded flat and tied in bundles with twine.  If twine is not used, the boxes shall be folded flat and placed inside of another cardboard container.  Where there are large quantities of loose paper, sufficient boxes may be left intact to hold such paper, and will be collected as garbage.
  • No industrial wastes shall be collected by the Town Collection crew.
  • Garbage shall be placed in the roll-out cart storage receptacle provided by the Town.  These receptacles shall be kept closed in order to keep out water, animals and insects, except while being filled or emptied, and shall be kept clean by the resident in order to comply with health and sanitation requirements.  All garbage must be placed in a plastic bag before being placed in a roll-out cart.
  • All rubbish not subject to decay or fermentation may be placed in a box or bag container, provided that the container and contents do not weigh more than fifty pounds: further provided, that the container is equipped with a cover to prevent the scattering of the contents.  Boxes and bags will be of sufficient strength to withstand the weight of the contents when being handled by the collection crew.  Grass clippings must be boxed or bagged and placed inside of the roll-out carts.  The container that rubbish is placed in will be discarded.  Plastic cans or wheelbarrows will not be dumped.
  • Rocks, concrete, car parts, appliances, etc. or hot ashes, charcoal, or any substance that would ignite, are not acceptable for disposal and will not be collected by the Town Refuse Collection Department.
  • No liquid shall be placed in any receptacle.
  • On your regular collection day, place your roll-out receptacle curbside, prior to the arrival of the refuse truck (the collection crews commence in residential areas at 7:00 a.m.).  Where alleys are in use at the rear of the property, the roll-out cart shall be placed on the property near the alleyway, but in no case such roll-out carts be placed in the alleyway or on the street.  The roll-out cart receptacle is designed to accommodate 200 pounds maximum.
  • If the roll-out cart is not at the designated place for collections, it will be assumed that no service is needed on your collection day, and return trip will not be made until the next regular scheduled pick-up day.  Roll-out carts are to be removed from curbside by midnight the same day of collection.
  • All debris placed at the curb for collection must not create a SAFETY HAZARD.
  • Only the refuse that is in the roll-out cart will be picked up on a regular basis.  An occasional extra amount will be taken if bagged and placed on top of or beside the roll-out cart.  Additional roll-out carts may be purchased by contacting the Town of Appomattox at 352-8268.
  • In any case of a change of residency or business owner, contact the Public Works Office so that the roll-out cart may be reclaimed and reissued.  The roll-out cart is to remain at the location it is placed at.  Do not remove carts from their designated/assigned location (the carts are the property of the Town).

Leaf Collection

Loose Leaf Collection – November 1st thru December 31st

Loose leaves should be raked to the curb but not into the street or blocking driveways.  Leaf piles should be free of sticks or rocks.

Bagged Leaf Collection – November 1st thru January 31st

Bagged leaves shall be bagged and tied in clear bags and placed at curbside for pickup.  The Town will provide replacement bags (for each bag used) for those who wish to bag leaves and they will be left at your residence during collection.

The Town of Appomattox will have leaf collection in all areas at least once a week.